The Science Center and Technology Museum “NOESIS” is a unique place of fun and entertainment in our city. The activities that anyone can do there open a window towards the world. With its characteristics being hospitality and innovation, “NOESIS” familiarizes the visitor withconcepts such as knowledge and creation. The searchfor the unknown of our universe and nature’s secrets are presented before us with technological means.With experiences that wake every sense,wecome closer to an answer to that questions. The Motion Simulator, the Planetarium and the Cosmotheater are only the essential activities that are available at “NOESIS”. There are always temporary exhibitions, too, with a wide range of topics onScience and its history. Finally, the Technological Museum of Thessaloniki is a welfare, non-profit, cultural and educational foundation open to the public. It creates an appropriate environment for getting to know and understanding Science and Technology.

“NOESIS” is located at Innovation Zone, at Thermi area. Since 2004 it operates in a 14,000 sq.m. building. This year it will be the venue of TEDxUniversityOfMacedonia ‘s Main Event, on November 30. In its premises the organizers with speakers and audience’s help are going to reboot for the 7th consecutive year the process of informationand constructive thinking aiming toproductive thinking and the discovery of new aspects of reality.

TEDx UniversityofMacedonia 2019 – Main Event Location

How to get there?

NOESIS is located in East Thessaloniki, in the Municipality of Thermi, on the Thessaloniki – Halkidiki National Road, opposite the Mediterranean Cosmos Shopping Center. The entrance to the site is from the old Charilaou – Thermis street. Follow the NOESIS brown signs or consult the map. About 300 parking spaces are at your disposal.

Starting at Nea Elvetia Park (Line 10, Harilaou), take the bus No. 66, “Innovation Zone” stop.

Starting from terminal Boulgari (line 31 – Boulgari) You board one of the buses 36, 36B, 36E, 36K, 36P, 36Y, 36Z, stop “Science dissemination center”.

Venue Gallery