Thanasis Alevras


Thanasis Alevras is a Greek actor. Graduated from the Drama School of the Arts Theater of Karolos Koun (2000). During the years of the art theater, he participated in the performances of “The Little Prince” by Experian and “Wealth” by Aristophanes. In 2008 he was awarded the “Dimitris Horn” Theatrical Award for his role in the play “Heroes” by Eleni Gassouka. In 2013 he won the first prize in the charity competition “Your face sounds familiar” and donated the money to the “House of Actor”. He has also appeared in numerous theater, television and music events.

Examples of projects in which he participated were:

“Medea” by Bost

“Othon and Potoula” by Akis Dimou

“Skinovates” on the idea and directed by Stamatis Fasoulis

“Heroes” and “Haircut” in texts and directed by Eleni Gasouka

“Crimson Garden” directed by Nikos Karathanou

“Hair Dryer for Killers” by K. Arvanitakis